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All new map sections will be posted in this thread.



Harlindon is now online! /warp harlond


The next section, Forlindon, has been sent to @wheellee so that he can work on the vegetation.


Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post, but I didn’t know where it would be most appropriate …

Well, I found this great article about Tolkien and cartography which corrects some common (essentially topographical) misconceptions, but, unfortunately it’s in French, so I suppose most of you won’t be able to read it, but I figured I could translate the most important informations for a project like ArdaCraft :slight_smile: .

-> The Great East Road going through Trollshaws goes between two surface elevations, one of which covers the Angle entirely.

-> Dol Guldur is the highest point of a moutain mass at the extreme south of Mirkwood.

-> Barrow-downs extend North of the Old Forest.

-> Harlindon is higher than Forlindon, which forms a non wooded plateau.

-> The Brown Lands present reliefs forming a vast Northeast extension to Emyn Muil.

-> Fangorn actually grows entirely on the foothills of Misty Moutains rather than on +/- flat terrain. There’s a large extension of the Misty Moutains there, making Fangorn actually a moutain flank forest!

Actually, most of the maps analyzed by the article come from this book: You can see photos in the link, but not of very high resolution. My article presents this zoom, though:

Ther’s also this redrawn of the Gondor - Mordor map, but it’s more known:


Tolkiendil is quite a reference for the french community.

Btw, if you guys don’t understand sentences in French, I can translate it to you.
Just ask me. :slight_smile:


The Lhun Valley is now online! warp to Mithlond and follow the river inland to arrive at its location! Or simply just walk from the road at north Mithlond if you intend to enter the Ered Luin.


Western Forlindon is now online! /warp Amon Ereb


atm the server is down, not because of an update


The Arthedain/Forochel section has now been sent to @DarthEnigma to work on its vegetation, and I’ve started to polish the northern Forlindon (fjords) section for @Kemce.


The northern Forlindon section has been sent to @Kemce so that he can work on the vegetation. I’ll be working out the geology for the area with Soluna soon.


A new section of Forlindon is now online - /warp Forlond


Expect the first Arnor section - including Annuminas, Fornost and the Weather Hills - to be online by the 23rd!


The aforementioned section is now online! /warp Weathertop


The Misty Mountains/East Eriador/Vale of Anduin section has been exported for @wheellee to work on its vegetation.

Here’s a sneak peek of the forests in the Angle!



The Lone-lands, Trollshaws, Angle and Rivendell are now online! /warp Last Bridge


Forochel is now online! Credit has to go mostly to @Kemce for his fantastic work on the vegetation. /warp Forochel


The first section of the Misty Mountains is now online! /warp Rivendell and go east


Eregion and the Mountains of Moria (two of the three, at least) are now online! /warp Hollin Ridge or /warp Moria