Map Updates


The Rohan section has now been exported. @wheellee is going to start work on it after the rest of his current section is out.

At the moment, we’re aiming for the end of February to release it and start work on the Westfold.


Omg it looks so awesome :o


A big chunk of the Vale of Anduin is now online! /warp Old Ford or /warp Dimrill Dale


Northern Forlindon is now online! /warp fjords

Many thanks to @Kemce for his excellent work on this section.


awesome work @kemce!




Mark the date - the first section of Rohan will be released on the 15th of April! I plan to have a Helm’s Deep build day towards the end of that month.


The release dates for the various sections of Rohan:


The first section of Rohan is online early! /warp Helm’s Deep or /warp Fords of Isen


Cardolan has been exported and sent to @Kemce and @DarthEnigma

No release dates have been set yet, though I’ll update you all when they are.


Due to some difficulties with WorldPainter and tree densities in Fangorn, the map section planned to release on the 30th of June will be changed. Instead of waiting for WorldPainter to update, focus will be shifted to the area roughly marked in red. This mapsection will connect the Westfold with the rest of the map and will also feature landmarks such as Amon Hen and the Argonath.



The new section is up! /warp Amon Hen, /warp Brown Lands, or /warp North Undeep to get there.


The Rohan release dates have been pushed forward a week each - so we will see the next section released on the 7th of August, and all of it released by the 7th of September.


Isengard, Dunland and a part of the River Adorn are now online! /warp Isengard to get there.


Fangorn, Edoras and Dunharrow are online! /warp Treebeard’s Hill, /warp Edoras, /warp Aldburg, /warp Entwade, /warp Methedras and /warp Dunharrow are all worth checking out.

There are several mistakes Whee has made in WorldPainter with this section, and so it will be overwritten in a week to fix them. If you find any issues, please make sure to DM Whee on Discord.