Joining the Conquest Reforged Network

As was announced in last night’s meeting, ArdaCraft is creating a network with the Conquest Reforged server and will be switching over to the Conquest Reforged mod.

Terms of the merge:

  • We will use CR instead of the ACBlocks mod.
  • We will continue to have our own RP, but it will be an overlay on top of default Conquest, rather than its own pack.
  • CR will add all AC blocks that require adding.
  • CR and AC will be linked via bungee cord - there will be no need to log out of one and into the other, and any player will be able to switch with a command (i.e. /server CR, /server AC).
  • There will be no cross-server chat, and ArdaCraft will maintain its own rules and style of administration. However, it is expected that any AC player going to CR will respect and follow their rules.

The reasons for this action are as follows:

  • We’ve struggled with adding certain features, especially models, for a while, as we simply don’t have the people to do it. CR have those people, and plan to add more cool features in the future (i.e. blocks which produce custom sounds for atmospheric purposes).
  • Our block updates have been erratic and unorganised in the past - again, this is partially a manpower issue. By letting CR manage these updates, they will be both more regular and more organised.
  • AC has an issue with training builder applicants to be better at building. CR is built around improving builders who are new to Conquest, and thus we should see a steady stream of skilled builders who are experienced with Conquest applying.
  • Finally, we are bringing both communities closer together in the hope that it will foster greater interaction between the two.

If you have any questions, please listen to last night’s meeting first (10:47 onwards)


Really welcoming this, hope everything works out smoothly :v:


will we still use the same launcher or will all that change?

also, cant wait for the update but what date will it be on?

We’ll use the CR launcher.

Difficult to give a precise date, almost all of the AC blocks have now been added so CTM and language files are being worked on currently.


The server is down whilst we do some final things for the update. Stay tuned!

Main server is down again for a while. Got a temporary 1.10.2 vanilla survival going on the ip


Main is up and running on the 1.10.2 ConquestReforged mod - everyone will remain as guest rank for the time-being while we let things settle down, and to allow for any issues/bugs to be discovered before normal work is resumed.


The instructions for downloading the launcher don’t work for mac. Please help

@wheellee has Mac i think, maybe he could help?