ArdaCraft in 2017

After Mithlond was finished (and Harlindon being almost completely done), I think that there has been a certain sense of aimlessness on the server, as we haven’t had a new, exciting focal point introduced. This post is intended to lay out what I want this community to acheive during the rest of this year.

1: The merge with CR

  • This is coming up very soon, and will bring several positive benefits to ArdaCraft. We’ll have thousands of new blocks to use in our builds and players from CR will come over to our map far more regularly. This should foster greater activity, and also leads to points 2 and 3:

2: The Shire Revamp

  • @kingorrik will be leading the Shire Revamp, which has been brought about by the need to update and improve the Shire with new blocks and paintings. He intends to get it finished over the summer, and will be doing most of the work himself.

3: Dale

  • @Glov will be updating Dale’s palette after the merge with CR, but do remember that this project is open now and any Builder can work on the areas Glov has laid out. I believe this project could easily be finished this summer.

4: Arnor

  • A huge area will soon be sent to @DarthEnigma so that he can work on its vegetation. Darth has recently released a map for the Conquest Reforged server, and will make a fine addition to our small but elite WorldPainter team. Here is a preview of the terrain that will be added in the first section of Arnor:

  • This area includes Annúminas, Fornost Erain, Weathertop (and the Weather Hills), many smaller ruined settlements and castles that we’ll add ourselves, as well as the settlements of the Lossoth in Forochel. Despite its vast size, I believe we should be able to get through it quickly, as ruins don’t take very long to build. As a result, my ideal scenario is to finish Arnor this year and get to…

5: Rivendell

  • Yeah, you read that right @wheellee. I want to get to Rivendell by the end of 2017.

I hope this post has given you all some insight into what our goals are for this year. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask here or on Discord.


What about Forlond and Thorin’s Halls :slight_smile: ?

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Thorin’s Halls will definitely be done - it’s open for application and should be applied for soon. I’m less sure about Forlond and when that’ll be opened.


Maybe we should open a general project thread for Arnor, like we had for the Shire. We should also probably start planning settlements locations soon. Even if the buildings themselves aren’t going to be extensive their location and placements are rather important.


Agreed, I’ll get on that tomorrow.


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