Homestead 2


Player Name: Beathaven

Player Rank: Builder+

Public or Private: Private

Location Name: Homestead 2

Lore: Beorning Settlements [Guide]

Overhead Plan:



Although I did say I wouldn’t be accepting other builder applications until farmland is finished. But because of the massive help from Ben and Burh3’s farmlands being done I will accept it. Also, I will accept it as long as you lay it out first before beginning building. As for style I suggest a turfed roof like some are in village 2 and the real life example you posted.


I’ve got this quartile’s last final tomorrow and after that I’ve got a pretty free weekend. This will be done very soon.


Afaik this homestead is done now. I’ll leave the inn as it is, seeing as I havent worked on it. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.


I commented on a few things in your homestead if you want to check it out. Farmland and pastures look good though.


Everything looks fine, accepted.