General Building Tips & Tricks (External links)

A place to share links to webpages explaining building basics (Exterior, Interior, and town planning)


Pretty nicely written piece on why some buildings are really ugly and what is done wrong.


This link; The Later Medieval City: 1300-1500 has a couple of pages available to everyone. Interesting enough


I found some websites with explanations about building styles and techniques:


I got lost in some construction pages on wikipedia.
These are the most interesting to use for building stuff. I will probally update this sometime. (:


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On the subject of palisades and wooden fortification:

The height of a palisade ranged from around a metre to as high as 3-4 m, where 3-4 meters is quite tall. On the server I’ve seen palisades which are 10 blocks tall, which is more fitting for stone curtain walls found in castles and cities. I really think we should strive to keep them under 5 blocks tall, If you want taller walls for visual appeal, use them in combination with earth ramps.

To add an extra layer of defense, you can add pitfalls in the area in front of the pallisade, either with or without spikes in them.

on a hillslope: Volný.cz


On the subject of farmhouses and their layouts:

Another possible layout:

  1. Workspace. 2) Haybay. 3) Stables. 4) Residential.

Some more stuff

Langhuisstolp: roughly translates to longhouse stolp, where stolp is similar to german Haubarg

Voorhuis: Living Space. Dars: Threshing area. Koestal: Cowstable.

Hooihuisboerderij: Hayhousefarm - where a regular longhouse is expanded with a large, square hayhouse.

Voorhuis: Living Space. Koestal: Cowstable. hooihuis: Hayhouse. Mestafvoer: Manure drain/outlet

Westfrisian Stolp

Voorhuis: Living Space. Zaadkamer: Seedroom. Dars: Threshing area. Koestal: Cowstable.

North Holland Stolp


I think some of our rivers are not using their full potential, especially the steeper river banks on the outer edges of streams. It would be nice to give them a bit more attention in areas which get more player traffic. More specifically, adding undercutting, exposed roots, and more obvious floodplains.


With that you mean the more major rivers?

talking about 3-5 wide streams/rivers, not major ones


Nice idea. How do you propose to achieve it? Set it up as a server-wide project?


I can’t really achieve this level of detail with World-painter, and if I did it would simply take way too long. Most efficient way to do this would be to set up a guide for each grade of river and then make a numbered map of segments of streams with each color pertaining to a different style. Then rent it out to people. This is especially necessary I think in terms of places like Lindon, (where streams definitely need to be reworked/revamped as a whole, and this lies outside of the Lindon ‘project’ really anyways), and the lone lands (since I didn’t add banks along the streams). Maybe a region number where the styles would change to reflect the different environmental conditions of the area (e.g. Rohan probably would not have a bunch of trees around its streams due to grazing (that’s the only reason those plains would even exist at this point)).

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All in all I really don’t think re doing streams and going over rivers is feasible on a large scale and is really not something that we need to lose a lot of builders and time on.

I think the best course of action would be to just ensure that the lore important rivers and rivers with lots of player traffic have these realistic features; as you say, there’s no way for them to be done by just WP but its also pretty much impossible to do it just by hand without having to re-do a load of terrain and vegetation.

So, for lore important rivers in the future, it would be useful if the world painter could just drop the water level by one block or raise the banks by one block. This would then make it 10x easier for us to go over by hand and add detail to the banks (either a slip of slope or a cut bank). Without the 1 block difference between bank and water level its virtually impossible to do anything nice looking or realistic and we end up with rivers looking like theyre on the verge of flooding (not good for the time of year the server is set).


Agree with this, and also as we’re nearing more populated areas, doing a detailed river could be part of the settlement. With a poly selection axe you can easily lower the riverbed by a block without too much work. Just need to fix the waterfall at the start.

I think from time to time we should do an assessment on where it is desirable. Like Ori says, lore locations and along important trails. For example, the streams crossing the GER could receive an upgrade this way. And like i’ve said above, for settlements which span or are near a river it could be part of the settlement when appropriate.


Alright, could you be in charge of making those assessments then?

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well it would be up to the world painter to first give people the chance to detail the important rivers (see my point above) and the assessment should really just be a required consideration for any project that is in the proximity of rivers/streams.

Kem and Darth should still be able to make those edits - I’d suggest you and Ytsen contact them directly about it.

@Kemce @DarthEnigma edit: the only rivers worth doing this for would be the Greyflood and Brandywine. All that needs to be done is making sure that the banks are always 1 block higher than the water level. Only times when this shouldnt be the case is if the river is going through a wetland area or saltmarsh.


German article on castles and mottes for those interested: Has lots of images.

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