Dynamic Map Icon Making Contest


Hey Everyone,

We’re trying to make our very own icon set for the dynamic map much like has been done over on Tamrielcraft. We want to engage everyone in this process by hosting a contest of sorts to see who can come up with the best designs. Take a look at the previous link or at the icons currently on our dynamic map for some inspiration.

All textures should be a maximum of 32 by 32 pixels. Use the format below to join in on the fun. It’s alright if you only make one, or if you post a concept for one of the regions. Discussions can also be held below. Contest closes August 24th.




For further inspiration: Untitled2





If you don’t get any submissions in about 6 months time, If my computer is fixed, I’ll make some icons. Will be a fun challenge for me since I haven’t done any graphic design besides shit-tier memes in a few years.


Threw together something with my phone stylus and pixler for inspiration if anyone likes the style for the Lindon icon.


The Shire and Beorning Villages



Beorning, Lindon or Dol Amroth, The Shire, Rohan, Erebor
Beorning%20Final Lindon%20Icon%20A HobbitB Rohan%20Final Erebor%20Final


Cool stuff Hearth!


Nice! Can’t tell what that last one is though


Yeah, thinking of a redo. It’s Rauros and the Argonath. Needs to be separate icons if at all.


mallorn_final Argonath_finafinalfinal

Just gonna drop these in, don’t mind me


Keep them coming, loving them


Hey man whit question here.

Hearts work has been really awsome but im just asking about how these icons will be used. Will it be like the thing we have on are dyn map now at the shire and than the added icons? Or will every beoring settlement for example get such a icon and will replace the signs we now have showing of a warp on the dynmap?


It’s just for regions on the Dynmap, having one for each settlement would be a bit extreme.


Yeah cool was just wondering cause in tamriel they had seperate icons for ruins,cities,forts ect.


isengard_final TreeofGondor_final

Gondor/Minas Tirith, Isengard


Added to dynmap


Rivendell Sigil Icon: Rivendell%20Sigil
Bree: Prancing%20Pony
Thorin’s Halls: Thorins%20Halls