Dynamic Map Icon Making Contest




Harlond: Harlond
Forlond: Forlond


Lossoth: Lossoth
West Isles/Former Gondolin: West%20Isles%20Final


Again, awesome stuff. Could you explain what the icon for the West Isles signifies?


Turgon’s icons, the sun, the moon, and a heart. Supposed to be darkened and charred like burned pottery


After receiving feedback, changes have been made. The Western Islands icon is no longer hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons. Nor is it pots of gold and rainbows, or the red balloons.
Lossoth is just a whale now, a suggestion by @Fornad

Western Isles: west%20isles

Lossoth: Lossothfinal


Fangorn Forest: Fangorn_Final