Builder Application: Markipolo: REVOKED

Player name: Markipolo

How long have you been a member of this project?: two months

How old are you?: 16

Where are you from?: The Netherlands

Are you in our Discord?: Yes

Why do you want to help with this project?: In the short time that i have been on this server i have got realy impressed by what was build by this group of builders. And inside me the feeling came that i should help, also building things in mincraft is somthing i am realy trying to do more and better.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: read the hobbit and the lord of the rings books (In dutch) and watched the movies of the hobbit (quite diffren from the book) and lord of the rings.


Plot -10 -6
Srry i don’t know imgur
sorry for my hand only now realize it

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: well not really, i would like to try most styles
Other relevant skills: not realy i guess


Hey Markipolo thanks for applying for ArdaCraft.

This one simple house is not enough to get accepted.
I want you to build a house in the style of Dale. Do ./warp dale, there is also a Dale guide you can look at on the forums.

Please upload more than one screenshot of your next build.

Good luck



Thanks fort the fast reaction, that thuis house was nog emough i already guessed, i am working on a Dale style house now


i made a new build fitting in dale (I hope).
what do you think about this?

It’s a good start, but i think you will need to spend a bit more time on it. Right now it’s not quite yet up to builder standards in my opinion.

So can you give me any tips?

I will be on the server later today, so i will be able to fully help you then. Tho keep in mind that we probably will be on Conquest Reforged by then.

So be sure that you have both launchers ready just to be sure.

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so when we get over to CR i need a CR launcher to come to the server?
and i appreciate that you want to help me, but i won’t be online mostly today, since today i have like for a long time some explanation about some stuff from another hobby of mine. but we will see i gues

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made a new dale style house, perhaps this is good enough

Looking better, you’re on the right path. Few things:
-Your roof shape is steeper which is good, but avoid making the roofs curve or dip as it looks unrealistic. Curvy roofs work fine for elves but with Men we prefer to keep them a bit more tame and simply make them more complex. Take inspiration from the houses currently in Dale.
-Try a gradient in your foundation, generally it adds more interest to an otherwise single, flat, texture.
-Try making your house a bit larger.
-Regarding interiors, always line your roofs with another material, wood planks, etc. IRL tiles are always going to be resting on a structure, a lattice, wooden beams, etc.

Otherwise looking good, keep up the work and i’m sure you’ll be building in Dale soon enough.


Thanks fort the tips, i can use these kind of points. Currently i have a build started that had all these points right

i made a new build for dale, this time in single player because i was afraid plots would reset again

Your interiors could still use some work. Check Bree for Inspiration.
-Avoid flat ceilings. Use stairs and beam blocks to make them look well supported. You see this in most all interiors, Men, Elves, etc.
-Keep things on the more cramped side rather than open. Add some walls to divide large rooms up into multiple smaller ones. Add tables and cupboards, bookcases to appropriate areas to furnish it. Add more carpets and maybe some loose papers and hay strewn about the floor.

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redone the interior, how is it now?

Looks good, but you’ve still got some flat ceilings. Take a look at some of the interiors in Dale for inspiration.

As you van see that had been 19 days before you replyed and in the meantime i have made some builds on my plot tot try soms stuff and then i have had been in denmark for a week, so i have been inective then but i have one week without school ahead of me so i will probbably be more active then

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i updated my portifolio hope this is better

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Great work!
One suggestion I have would be to not recede your foundation behind beams, or even necessarily include beams on the exterior of the on the base floor/foundation. Sometimes just a box shaped stone foundation with a gradient and detailing looks best.

That being said your house looks great! I think it’s probably more than enough to get you builder.

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You have Dale’s leader’s approval, accepted!

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