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The names for the forts shall be:
-fort1: Beriodîn= silent protection since its located in a swamp near the Rhudaur.
-fort2: Minas-Gwarth= fort of the betrayer since it is located in Rhudaur and it allied with Angmar.

Hope this works for you :slight_smile:


Sindarin doesn’t usually take dashes in compounds, though :wink: (see Amon Hen, Minas Tirith).


Already changed


With a Rhudaur Fort (lead by @ooitsbirdo) and a Rhudaur town (lead by @Whickery_Dickens) already being worked on, I thought an interesting and worth while discussion to be had was the matter of style discrepancies between Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan. Would there be any differences in architecture? If so, what would they be?

Obviously, I understand we’re talking about ruins here so the differences, if any, will be limited, but I do think adding subtle elements, like how ruined things are (Rhudaur masonry may be less advanced than say Arthedain) and stone type would be interesting. I don’t know, maybe even castle/village shape (primitive towns with lack of planning vs. straight road, Roman-esk stuff?). Anyway, I think its worth getting this straight now before we get to deep into Arnor as a region, so we can avoid the need for revamps.


Maybe the basic shapes of buildings, afaik Rhudaur was the weakest, so maybe you could make their castles and stuff less advanced and smaller?


Well quite a few of these towns would have been founded when Arnor was a single kingdom, so I’m not sure layout differences would be all that obvious.


Alright time for a post with ideas for extra locations in Arnor.

I’ve watched this video today, and it gave me a few ideas for Arnor, and basically the rest of Middle-Earth.
While we see a lot of stone castle ruins, they are basically nothing compared to the amount of castles or fortified structures that were actually built in the Medieval period. Wooden castles generally don’t survive and leave nothing behind, except for a grassy mound where they used to be build upon.

So i’ve looked arround in Arnor on our map, and found a bunch of potential places where it would be cool to have some of these grassy mounds, or maybe even a few stone foundation remnants of fortified manors, wooden castles, and also stone castle ruins.

I’ve also been told by a few people, that the earlier Arnorians also lived west of lake Evendim, even along the river Lune. So i’ve added a few potential places for town ruins, and grassy mounds in that general area aswell.

Alrighty then, first arround Fornost:

Since Fornost was the capital of Arthedain, it would have been surrounded by farmlands, villages, and ofcourse, fortified structures like wooden castles and wealthier manors. The marsh used to be farmland aswell, so i’ve added something there too. The North Downs are a natural barrier, which makes a good place for one, or a few castles protecting the capital from the north.

Next up is Annúminas:

This city was a much larger capital of the entire kingdom of Arnor. Ofcourse such a big city would have had a massive amount of farmlands and villages surrounding it, and the entire lake. Same story as with Fornost basically.
I’ve also added a few possible locations for castles in the hills west of the lake. They probably would be pretty small compared to those on like the Weather Hills, but it would still be nice to have them.

North of the Shire:

The hills here would also be a good place for a castle ruin, or a few.

And finally, near the Lune river:

A few possible locations of where i think it would make sense for towns and fortified structures to have been long ago. Annúminas was a great city, and founded as the capital by Elendil. People naturally would want to live arround the capital, not too far away generally, in all directions. And afaik Elendil did sail up the Lune before he founded his city. Not much else to say really…

Again, these are all just possible locations that would make sense to me.
All wooden castles would be completely gone, except maybe a grassy mound. People did try to improve their castles in the past, replacing wooden parts with stone over time if they had the money, so we could have some partial stone/wooden castles aswell.

Some of the fortified manors could have been made of stone, but mostly all we need to build is just a grassy mound of where one used to be.

Anyways, these were just my ideas, and most of this stuff, if not all of it, is pretty easy to make.


I think arthedain is done right?


There’s still a couple of Arthedain towns left.


Just wondering, when would the Cardolan and Enedwaith region start being built. Sorry if I’m bothering people about this.


Fornad afaik is almost done worldpainting the region, after this he needs to split up the section and give it to two other worldpainters who will be doing the foliage. Could still easily take a few months.