Project update: I’m slow.

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Real update: I will be on tomorrow to finish laying out the first section of ruins I plan to open up for this week. A big thanks is in order to Ori for his work already! The palace has seen some revision and is being worked on right now.


The first section of Annuminas has been planned out!

This section will be marked inside the orange wool.
Make sure you take a look at the Arnor build guide at /warp arnorguide. Also take a look at /warp Arnortown5, it very much appeals to how I want Annuminas to look. Best of luck to everyone, I will be turning my attention to some larger builds in the city. I will be keeping an eye on builds to make sure they are up to standard.


Annuminas is looking amazing, especially the palace. Came across some cool inspiration so just gonna leave it here. Sorta looks like what we already have to be fair.


Also thought it would be interesting to have a few other “mansions” around Annuminas which were more intact. I would assume there were some very rich people in the capital of Arnor, and so it wouldn’t only be the palace that was left standing. Maybe have some stuff looking like this?

Leptis Magna


Liking the progress we’ve had in the past few weeks. Apologies for not being there much to help/lead but I’ve had a busier schedule than I anticipated.

Just wanted to make a few points to save work in the future and to make sure the project continues to run smoothly.

  1. Could we ensure that ALL planning blocks are left above builds. A fairly large area of the ruins is missing all of its planning blocks. I want to keep these so that if any minor changes are made to the style in the future then we can easily call upon people to update/fix their builds without any problems.

  2. Please, when building ruins (not just Annuminas) make sure not to leave grass blocks underneath stone or similar blocks (see below).

    Not only is this unrealistic but it also looks pretty crap so please make an effort to check you are not doing this.

  3. On some ruin plans you can see small wool pillars or circles of different colours.
    Orange wool: Courtyard
    Magenta wool: Tower
    Green wool: Trees
    The point of these is to give a bit of variety to the ruins. In courtyards you’d expect more vegetation so feel free to add bushes, even the odd tree. With towers, its pretty obvious but just make them a bit higher than the rest of the walls.

  4. Sometimes it can be hard but please try to have some noticeable variation in the walls of houses whether it be height, materials or how intact it is. I only say this because some houses are looking almost like the white wool plan has just been converted into mossy cobblestone. Get creative with it; don’t be scared to have gaps where there is nothing but grass; have some parts of the walls that are a few blocks higher than other parts; add in some walls that are completely covered in grass and just look like a mound. Just don’t go too crazy and try to make it fit with your neighbours’ style.

That’s all for now so keep up the work in section 1 with these points in mind. Thanks


As Hearth is leaving for 3 months, @YouJusGotSarged is now leading this project. Athradamen has been merged into an overall Evendim project.


As the build day is this Sunday this post shall be detailing what is to be completed. Now, I’m much more particular than Hearth is, thus I have strict requirements for what my ruins must look like.

Firstly, what I want done is below:

What is surrounded by the ORANGE line must be heavily edited, perhaps even redone. I’m not going to faff around with placing ‘not approved’ blocks over all the ‘completed’ ruins. They ALL must be redone.

What is encircled in RED is what must be started and subsequently finished.

My specifications can be seen below:

As you can see, there is a large amount of grass layer blocks of various heights littered around the ruin. The largest concentration of these layers is located by the walls, with layers gradually getting taller the closer they are to the wall. Furthermore, these ruins aren’t simply outlines of the buildings. There are walls INSIDE the ruins, indicating rooms. None of the ruins in Annuminas, at present, have this feature which is unrealistic and makes the ruins look, quite frankly, boring and way too bare.

Furthermore, grass layers should be on top of every block you place in these ruins. The height should be the lowest possible, meaning one click, unless these ruins are up against a wall.

Please, if you need further clarification, go to Athradamen, my utopia of perfect ruin work, to observe which ruins I’ve done and take note of what is required to make them. However, no one is to do any work on Athradamen at ANY time without my permission, which means basically never.

I will be on at numerous points during the build day, to assist and take your questions, should there be any.

Finally, I should direct you to the ruins guide I created, for any significant questions.


Turn on your CTM’s!

Why does it look like a bad splatter brush? With Hearths i felt like i could at least see the hint of a cohesive foundation.


I agree with glove to a certain extent (although not in the way he worded it). I understand I’m in no position to criticize you heavily on this since I’m not a historian like you, but the way it’s represented in those concepts simply don’t seem like an actual foundation to me personally (this is personal opinion so don’t fight me, I’m just interested in starting a discussion). Perhaps lay out the inner walls cohesively and use less rubble in between each inner wall? I get rubble doesn’t just disappear (as you made that point in the numerous fortifications of the weather hills) but surely it would grow over with grass equally? I’m just not sure splattery rubble blocks is the best way to go. While that might be realistic, it just doesn’t look very aesthetic. Just my two cents.


Refer to this guide I’ve created. It shows how ruins should be done on flat ground, which Annuminas is mostly comprised of. All these points can be used on any terrain, however.

I would like to say, however, that it is difficult to give an impression of ‘flatness’, as you suggested, on a hill. The examples I gave were probably not the ideal, as the grass layers there were used also to give the impression of a much more gradual slope. I hope this guide does give you a good idea of what I want and how to achieve it. If not, perhaps if Glov was able to come on he’d give you some better advice on what he wants done.

Finally, if you want to examine the ruins I’ve completed warp to the arnor guide and go to the plains just behind where you warp to. It’s down there.


Two things; you placed mossy stone bricks above grass. It looks illogical and unrealistic imo. And do we really need to fill up the space in the ruined walls with grass layers? Imo we should only used it for the overgrown walls, it looks quite piled and messy.

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Yes we do need to fill in the spaces within the walls of the ruins with grass layers otherwise it just looks like a half-arsed job. Furthermore, it is much more realistic due to the fact that the ceilings and upper walls have fallen in. Rubble doesn’t just disappear into thin air, therefore grass would grow over it, and the grass would grow up against the remaining walls, creating a sloped effect.

As for your stone bricks against grass thing, it’s fine. We’re taking enough liberties as it is with these ruins. If you really wanted it to by hyper realistic you wouldn’t see any of these buildings until excavation work was done. They’d all be buried under 2 metres of soil and grass.

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I’ll agree to a fair enough point about us needing to not have mossy bricks above grass. It’s nothing too important, but I do think it’s a much better transition. Outside of that, well said. My ruins were very bare bones because I wasn’t sure how much I needed to detail in order to look good, so I settled for less detailed than yours. I think your style=guide is going to be good for Annuminas.


About your first point, all the planning blocks that were added yesterday on the buildday were suddenly gone this morning when I logged on, idk who did it and if you and @YouJusGotSarged know more about this. This won’t be a big problem as i can place most of them back (cause i remember who has done which ruin). If you want me to place it back just say so.

I just think you need to remember that even though large arches like in that giant hall may survive in dry environments they would be far more damaged when they are being pulled appart by roots and rotted by moisture ( disolved in the case of bricks, in contact with water they turn back into clay eventually)

We are aware of this. In reality Annúminas would be almost completely gone by this point, but we’re striking a balance between realism and looks.


Númenorean architecture FTW!