Worldmachine Thread

As I understand it now there are actually a couple members of the community with access to Worldmachine. And possibly others that I’m not aware of, or who will purchase it in the future.

I myself haven’t spent too much time with the program and am not really experienced. But Since a couple of us have access it might be good to get a discussion going on using WM for terrain generation in MC.

Post tutorials, tips and tricks, and your own work here so we can all get better!

Hey @Glov!
Here is only one way to be unique when you learn WM - be creative and put a really complex tasks, based on references.
If you have questions i will try to answer you in closed discussion. :slight_smile:

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Well, just in case you don’t know, to import a world into world painter and then to minecraft, you render (or build) the world in world machine, then go into your nodes, go to the height map, right click on ‘Set properties,’ change the format to .PNG and then (I think) you save it as a PNG (I forgot what you click on.) Then you go to world painter, import file, import height map and then edit it as usual. You can add layers and things to make it look better.

That is incredible !

I can not tell if you are joking or not.

This was just some basic 5 minute stuff I did. It looks better the more time you put into it.

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Materials need a lot of work.

Yes. I know. But it’s like I said, it was just a basic 5 minute thing, so the materials are really bad. Also if you could give a last of materials in mountains etc, that would help a lot. The reason the materials is so bad is because I don’t know what materials go where.

You live in NZ don’t you? You must see plenty of mountains, just take inspiration from those.

Nah bro, that’s the South Island, I live in the north island. But I can always look up photos.

  • This is the problem

Do you mean that I don’t put enough effort into it? Because that one was just to show the terrain rather than the materials.

Dude, tell yourself what you want.

Just one thing i think you should do, use the object layers in world painter to add custom leaf carpets, like the leaves on the ground in the old forest, make a custom plate or carpet with that texture in evry biome and dot it arround the forests.