Woodland Details


On ardacraft the natural land scapes are no doubt amazing, however i think there is an aspect of depth and detail thats missing, not in whats there but in the small things, in all the times ive walked in f1 mode through the woods ive never seen a fallen tree with soil clinging to its roots, a stump hollowed out by rot or a badger hole on the side of a hill

not much to say on this matter , i just think adding some of these little things would be nice to anyone who stumbled across them

  • just think it would be nice to bear in mind if anyone is detailing some woods…
    or anywhere else for that matter


Agree…i tried to add in a few things as i was putting together ancient trees. I realize it takes a bit of time for something that may never be seen but it would make places a bit more interesting. And Im just being picky because the landscape is phenomenal as is.


Agreed, but it’s a question of how these things will be implemented. Are you volunteering to do this across the map, @blocks119?


I would be willing to do some projects with him


I would also be willing to join in when i have the time to.

To be able to do this I suggest adding hollow logs of any kind, if you agree with that i could make a model for it (as it is quite easy to do so for this example) i don’t know how the rotation of the model would work ingame but im sure the CR modmakers do.

Also if we are going through the forests on the server we should add some animal marks in them. (I believe i haven’t seen many of those)


I made a few burned, fallen and hollowed trees in the South of the old forest, I would love to show them and give You ideas


How did you make the hollow ones?


Beam Trapdoors, I btw also made some dead animals


id be willing to do bits as a sideproject


If you guys want to collaborate on a project where you’d add details to forests across the map, I’d be on board with it. Just post it in the Projects section when you’re ready.


I came across a dead animal whilst building trees. I thought it was awesome. I also did a tree hit by lightning and one where I tried to hollow the trunk a bit.


Near the exit to the Old Forest near Bombadil’s house, look by the stream and you’ll see that we have a woodland shrine to the badger sky god.


Fornad what do you think about a model for hollow logs? Would it be something that could be added to the modpack.
Also could some kind of rotten log texture / block be added?


There is already a burned wood texture


Okay i edited it in my post, does it also have slab and vert slab?


you could make hollow logs with trapdoors


also, just a thought, with the harlond and mithlond flowers i know their main purpose is in those cities but they are nonetheless a plant, it would make sense for some to grow wild , even if only within a few miles of the city