Wildmen Inspiration and Concepts


Thread for Wildmen (including the Dunlendings and Drúedain) inspiration and concept builds, feel free to discuss and share any ideas that you have!

Rhovanion Inspiration and Concepts

I think that a design similar to this would be great for the wildmen living in the forests of Minhiriath:


Made these a little while ago while discussing the Lossoth with Fornad. He said to base the Lossoth settlements off of the Sami and similar Arctic peoples. The stilted one is based on the stilted design of some Sami granaries. The second one is based on their earth mound houses with chimneys and wooden supports. Not sure how to implement the tent or tepee-like temporary dwellings. Different designs should be used, depending on the locally available materials. All dwelling forms can be seen on the “Sami” Wikipedia page.
Fornad liked the styles; I would be interested to see what you guys can come up with.


First one could use a little more work (detailing and such) but I’m a big fan of the second one, good work!


Was copying this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sami_people#/media/File:Sami_Storehouse.jpg.


Doesn’t give much to work with, I had to use a bunch of vertical slabs and tiles that you can’t really see from that angle. The real building is really simple.


Reposting from Rohan thread. Think this would be perfect for Dunland



Dunland concept by Glov and I:


If Rohan can be likened to the Anglo-Saxons, it would make historical sense for the Dunlandings, who were frequently at war with Rohan, were less-advanced and there earlier, to be somewhat analogous with the Celts. This may not be a perfect comparison but it feels pretty ‘tidy’ and would be an interesting point towards going with the ‘round house’ style you made with glov.