Wiglemania Builder Application ACCEPTED

Player name: Wiglemania

How did you find out about us:Dukonred1

How old are you?: 15

Where are you from?: United Kingdom

Are you in our Discord?: Yep

Why do you want to help with this project?: I admire Tolkeins work and would love to be able to help re-create it in minecraft

Which Tolkein-related works have you read,seen or listened to?: I have listened to the hobbit and LOTR audiobooks and have watched all of the films.

Portfolio: http://imgur.com/a/FCZfI

Plot ID: -15:0
Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I am good at dwarven and not too bad at ruins however I have difficulty with elven

Other relevant skills: I am alright at terraforming

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The Dwarven house looks quite good, the only real suggestions I have is to connect your furnaces pipes to the ceiling and use the schist patterns not randomly (like around the painting) but only in horizontal lines on your walls etc.

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A small suggestion from me. The walls look a bit flat, I would add more detail there. Possibly more different blocks or other block shapes can give it more depth.


Added some Smooth Limesetone,do you think it looks better?

Not really sure. But I think it’s mainly that some of your block types feel randomly placed. It’s only a small thing, so don’t worry to much about it. Here is an example of how I would build something like this:

I used pillars and cut limestone blocks on top as support. Also I made sure the other patterns are continuous. And added runes just for decoration.


Changed the Limestone http://imgur.com/a/pNkoC

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I think your interiors are pretty decent. Could you maybe build an elven facade? or an entire exterior?

Ok, is there a certain elven style you want me to build?

Try out a Forlond/Forlindon styled house. Just throw together something quick, really doesn’t have to be much. Just to show that you can do other stuff than dwarven as well.

Forlond Style House.

need moar than that

Do you want me to build the whole house, or just one side? As i have finished one side.

One side of the house.

I would suggest looking around in Fonlindon to get a good impression of elven style. Im not the one to accept or decline you but i dont think the quick elven build you made is up to the standards. (I like your dwarven stuff btw)

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Ok, thanks, I haven’t built an elvem styled house before so I am not really used to the style

I get that i would also have trouble with dwarven style first time. Practice and a good scource of insipiration will mean a lot to you in trying to learn a new style. Good luck with your application


Here is the Forlond House

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yo wigle, that house looks pretty much like an exact copy of the one i helped you with. Warp to Númenetsir and take a close look at that style, and try to build a house in a style similar to that with what you’ve learned yesterday. Don’t make an exact copy! Imitate and innovate!

Ok, will do know