Player name - Demonataz
Ranks- Builder
Location Whiturrows

Lore- Whitfurrows was a village or small town that lay in the Eastfarthing, on the East Road through the Shire, approximately midway between Frogmorton (about ten miles to the west) and the Brandywine Bridge (a similar distance to the east). It lay at the western edge of the Bridgefields region of the Eastfarthing.[1]

Whitfurrows appear to have been a centre or staging-post of some kind for the Shirriffs during the War of the Ring.

With my poor paint skills I have created the following basic plan.

My problem with the current Whitfurrows is the lack of a focal point from which the village is drawn from. I plan to fix this with the introduction of an open area in the centre marked park(ish).The Red outlined pink rectangle will be a couple market stalls similar to those currently in whitfurrows. By having these at the intersection of both major roads the maximum amount of trade can be created. The solid red square will remain a water mill, but with the style adjusted to that closer match that of a concept produced by Glov. The remaining full pink squares are a combination of houses and additional trade/speciality buildings. I am open to and suggestions for the trades, but have thought to include the following from the previous version:

  1. Baker
  2. Fisherman
    3)Shiriff House

The following concept has been built by Glov

With the darker roof than currently in Whitfurrows, a different feel is given.

Copy current Whitfurrows for safe keeping (just incase)
clear buildings and make terrain nice to build on
mark out roads, features and buildings
build houses etc
have fun

Have finished the gardens around the village. Interiors for the baker, post office and shirriff office remains.

Good luck.

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Going to call this done - many thanks to @Demonataz or leading this project, and to @Benzathoth for doing a lot of the building. Great work guys!