Yeah the plan Ben has is to keep the stone walls closer to the mountains where the materials can be sourced easily and have wattle/wooden fences for the plains.


OK, I question why he’s building brick walls in some places then.


As they are still left in an unfinished state, I am going to pick up Homesteads 7 and 8 and see that they are done by the end of next week.


i think we need a road somewhere between wfh14 and the main road


Finished the homesteads, only Homestead 1 to go now :slight_smile:


What about making 1 or 2 homesteads which are in a building process?
So that a family wants to quit a village and build their own homestead somewhere.


Had a look in helm’s deep for how many beds there are. Assuming 1 bed = 1 person, I counted 30 beds in the entire fortress. The initial post said around 80, so we’re down by quite a lot. Even with our scale 30 people to man a fortress, including workers, the family and the soldiers is a bit off.

Please explain


We could have tents for workers and servants behind the fortress I suppose


With the final details finished, the Westfold is now done! Great job on the first region of Rohan!

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