Westfold Quarry 2, 3

Player name(s): Liquar, Roccet

Player rank: Builders

Private or Public: Private

Location name: 1: Quarry between Aldorstowe and Helmham. (Warp: WFQuarry2)
2: Quarry close to Folcmund. (Warp: WFQuarry3)

Overhead plan: 1. quarrywf2
2. quarry3wfww
Red: Area of the quarry
Green: Layers of the quarry
Orange: Path
Yellow: Maybe i’ll add a path here too, dont know for sure.

Terrain: Add some more stone, some sheds maybe and a path.

Reference Imagery: quarryexample It will be a small version of this quarry.

Note: Roccet will help from now on.
Update: Quarry 2 and 3 are done.

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Looks good, accepted. You can do the quarry in Helm’s Deep once it gets converted from sand.



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