Westfold Homestead 9

Player name(s): Ahorn_

Player rank: dat juicy plus

Private or Public: private

Location name: Homestead 9

Lore: basic Rohan stuff. Mainly the talk over in the main thread had me attempt a horse/stud farm kind of thing and here’s my app for that.

Overhead plan:

shitty paint overhead plan

red = houses
blue = stables
green = paddocks
diagonal brown = barn
yellow = training areas
purple = plots for vegetables and stuff, will also try to fit in some additional ones as well as a chicken coop.



Terrain: I asked Ben about changing the plot size, mainly increasing it to have space for training areas as well as the rather big stables. He approved and will add more pastures around the area too.

Reference Imagery: -

Timeframe: I don’t think this will take more than a week in total.


Looks good to me, you have a go.


I think this homestead is ready for post-approval. Let me know if you spot anything you like to see changed.


Looks good to me, good job.

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