Westfold Homestead 5

Player name(s): Chevy

Player rank: +builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Homestead 5
Overhead plan:

Blue: Housing
Red: Barn
Brown: Stables
Green: Smokehouse
Pink: Paddock
Yellow: Hogs and Chickens area…will build coup and pig shelter

Will include small gardens around homestead, privy, well (if needed)

In-game guide: Talked to Ben in-game about transitioning styles by using roof concept from stucco style homes on staves style home. Will also use mud tudor on mixed with staves on barn and stable to help with transitioning styles.

gardens will be patterned after the ones found on ahorn’s homestead. Barn and stable similar to Ahorn’s but mixing in stave walls.

interiors based off of previous concepts…dirt floors with firepit inside, holes in roof for smoke. Will not be using stucco or plaster.

Terrain: I don’t believe changes are needed

Timeline: two weeks


Quick heads up on your ceilings, in most cases you need to add another full block between the stairs and the ceiling material because it won’t emit shadow otherwise, seems to be some kind of lighting issue but it looks pretty bad if it’s 100% bright inside.

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Ready for an inspection, please.


Had a look around and very i’m happy with the outcome, well done @Chevy_the_cat