Westfold Homestead 4

Player name(s): Snowy30

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Homestead 4

Lore: /

Overhead plan:

+allotments and enclosures

In-game guide:


Terrain: I don’t believe changes are needed

Timeline: less than 2 weeks


First of, layout looks good, butI want that homestead to be more focused on sheep herding so there is no need for a big stable, 2-3 horses is enough.

For the style I want it to be a transition from the style at homestead 5 to the style of the anglo saxon village Wharram percy (planning on using that style for village 3).

Homestead 5

Wharram percy

Concept I made for village 3.

So basically use a roof design similar to the pics above and maybe use plaster on one of the main houses.
If you can do this you may start.


Will any of the other homesteads have this style? I would like to try that again after 5 is completed.

Thank you, I will follow your instructions.

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Homestead is complete. Thanks to Ytsen who helped with the barn and Chevy who build most of the vegetable beds.


Looks good to me, accepted!

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