Westfold Homestead 3

Player name(s): philippetora

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: private

Location name: Homestead 3

Lore: basic Rohan lore

Overhead plan:

black: housing
yellow: chickens
green: stables and barn
blue: pics
brown: woodwork area
red: sawmill
orange: paddock

smaller things not on the map: washing area, fishing area, some crops, etc.

Terrain: nothing special

Infos: I`ll focus on wood houses and not on stucco houses, because there is a forest nearby.

Timeframe 2 weeks or bit longer. I`m busy at school at the moment

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Your resourcepack seems to be outdated.

Saw mill wont be needed, they can still process wood using saws and axes in the woodwork area. And maybe use wood shingles on some houses? You have a go.


can i build one stucco building?

Nah go with wood.

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Homestead 3 should be done. It includes:

  • big stable/barn with cows and horses
  • pics
  • paddock
  • 2 houses
  • well
  • small smithy
  • fishing area
  • washing area
  • woodwork area
  • allotment
  • toilet
  • chickens
    and finally one dog crate

Nice, I’ll take a look.

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Could probably benefit from having a bridge

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I think a small wooden bridge will do.

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Fixed the ceilings in the main houses so there is no light coming through, and changed the light dirt to something darker. Everything else looks nice, good work.

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