Westfold Homestead 16

Homestead 16

Player name(s): Liquar
Player rank: Builder+
Private or Public: Private

Location name: Westfold Homestead 16

Overhead plan:

Red: Houses
Blue: Stables
Orange: Sheds
Light Blue: Living wagon
Green: Leaves
Gray: Cobble Wall
Brown: Fence
Black: Tree
Purple: This will be a little forest
Brown Dots: Will be apple trees for an orchard.

Terrain: Lots of leaves

Reference Imagery:

I will mainly use tudor.



Go for it

Just a heads up, you used alot of drystone which would be a very exquisite material and would not be used for farm walls/settlement walls/whatever, if you look at the materials stanbrycg use for their walls you will achieve a greater feel of realism to your little homestead. On a side note it looks really nice and cozy so far, keep it up. :wink:

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Where did you get this impression from? There are loads of drystone walls used for farms in Wales, for example.


All good