Westfold Homestead 15


Player name(s): Lawxo

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Private
Location name: Westfold Homestead 15
Lore: basic Rohan homestead with a population of around 20 people.
Overhead plan: (will be available in a few minutes)

In-game guide:

Red: Barn, stables
Blue: Housing
Light green: Tall hay
Pink: Entrance Gate
Dark green: space for vegetables, orchard, etc.
The rest of the space will be filled with various other small buidlings (chicken coop, kennels, etc.)

Concepts: I made several concepts of the same house with different materials as i’m still not sure i’m allowed to use sandstone. Idk which one you prefer.

(I will make this building bigger to fit the 20 people)(interior)

(Barn, made several concept for this too, Ben I believe you know where they are if not just ask me)
Terrain: I will probably slightly elevate the main half to make it more imposing.

Reference Imagery: All completed homesteads as well as Glov’s village will be used as inspiration.

Timeframe: A month to a month and a half. (The project won’t be started until next week)