Westfold homestead 14

Westfold homestead 14

Player name(s): Liquar

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Homestead 14 (WFH14)

Overhead plan:

Red: Sheds (With S for sheeps)
Orange: House
Green: Leaves
Brown: Fence
Blue: Privy
Purple: Market stall

Reference Imagery:

Will mostly use Wood for the houses and sheds. I like how the leaves turned out at my previous homestead so i will use some more leaves at this homestead again.


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Dunno if this is planned as 2 people sleeping in the barn for the sheeps. But sheeps smell dont know if they would want to sleep here maybe move them to the house for 6 it seems big enough for 8 people.


I have had no issues sleeping with sheep.

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“Poor farmers share their house with animals divided from them by a screen. Animals body heat also helps to keep the house warm.”

Don´t add a market stall. Also, make sure to use drystone for the foundation since the homestead is close to the mountain.


Whoops my bad :confused:

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Please make a few fields and a sheepfold to the northeast. Roughly this area:


Update on this @Liquar?

Almost done, could use some help with the field.

I can keep on helping if you would like? I’ve already smoothed the fences & replaced the cobble like you asked.

Dont worry about the fields Liquar I can get them done for you, could you finish the interior of your barn for me

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This is now done aswell. Nice job.