Westfold Homestead 12

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Player Name: iNamelessi
Player Rank: Builder +
Private or Public: Private
Location Name: WFh12
Lore: See Westfold thread
Overhead Plan

Deadline: 22nd September (Shouldn’t take this long though)
In Game Guide: Folcmund’s one is next to it
Reference imagery: See Westfold thread

Other: There will be roughly 4-6 people per house so the total population will be up to 18. Entrance to the field behind will be located in the homestead. The scale in the image seems a bit off but when looking in game there is enough space for the small cluster of buildings.


Last one was good, so go ahead.

Just avoid having so many weapons on the walls, and make sure to follow Folcmund’s style.


Done, awaiting post approval :grinning:


You need to add some lighter dirt blocks outside and add some grassy areas (close to walls or other areas they would not walk on that much).

Like this.

Everything else looks good. I got rid of glass cabinets and bottles. Shouldn’t be used in Rohan.


All fixed now :grinning:


Good work