Westfold Homestead 1

Player name(s): mjc5592

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: WFH1

Lore: Clothing production for travelers traveling to and from Stipel and the surrounding area. Well-off family of 6 puts 13 people to work as weavers and shepherds and treats them well.

Overhead plan:

Terrain: Sheepfolds to the northeast (further to the bottom left of overhead plan)

Reference Imagery:

I plan on making all the buildings except for the long non-hip house (family house) out of either stave planks or wooden logs. The family house will be made with mud tudor - all roofs will be made of light and brown thatch. I like the cobble and mossy cobble as halfwalls and barriers - the blue wool will be replaced with this as well as the foundations of the buildings.


Yards? Sheep fields?
Where s the path leading to?

When Guan copied over the terrain for me to work out a wool-block plan, he didn’t really include a lot of space for the sheep fields, but this is roughly where I would want those fields to be marked off as:


The path I just sorta made it go a bit further, I guess it makes more sense that the road would just lead to the homestead.

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I think the sheep would go into the existing fields that are there already, no need to make new ones. Focus on smaller stuff like vegetable gardens, or animal pens for pigs or chickens.

I like a lot of your ideas, but there’s a few things you’ll need to adjust.

For one thing, according to Ben these are the wrong materials for the region. You should be using mostly mud tudor and mud bricks, and wattle fence rather than rustic fence.

Aside from that, the only criticism I have is to add a few smaller buildings for storage and a latrine.

Added, and editing main post to include new overhead plan:


Approved. Good luck!

Yep, approved from me too so you can start now. Make sure you use all the sign blocks properly. Good Luck


Project ready for review.

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Project completed!