Westemnet Homestead 1

Player name(s) : LordOfThePings

Player rank : Builder

Private or Public : Private

Location name : WEH1

Lore : The plains of Rohan west of the river Entwash; borders the Fangorn forest on the north. Lands north of the Folde described as “a grey-green sea” of “endless miles of grass” containing “hidden pools and broad acres of sedge waving above wet and treacherous bogs.”

… a little while [after leaving Fangorn] he turned suddenly, and choosing a place where the banks were lower, he waded the [Entwash], and then led them away due south into a flat land, treeless and wide. The wind went like grey waves through the endless miles of grass. There was no sign of road or track…

‘He is steering a straight course now for the halls of Théoden under the slopes of the White Mountains,’ said Gandalf. ‘It will be quicker so. The ground is firmer in the Eastemnet, where the chief northward track lies, across the river, but Shadowfax knows the way through every fen and hollow.’

For many hours they rode on through the meads and riverlands. Often the grass was so high that it reached above the knees of the riders, and their steeds seemed to be swimming in a grey-green sea. They came upon many hidden pools, and broad acres of sedge waving above wet and treacherous bogs; but Shadowfax found the way … Looking out over the great plain, far away the riders saw [the sun] … sinking into the grass. Low upon the edge of sight shoulders of the mountains glinted red upon either side. …

‘There lies the Gap of Rohan,’ said Gandalf. ‘It is now almost due west of us. That way lies Isengard.’

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 5, The White Rider

‘Come now!’ said Éomer. 'The Heir of Elendil would be a strength indeed to the Sons of Eorl in this evil tide. There is battle even now upon the Westemnet, and I fear that it may go ill for us.

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan

Overhead plan :

This homestead will revolve around the bog-iron extraction. Bog-iron is iron that is ‘farmed’ from bogs. I will not go over the details how the iron is formed in the bogs, but what you should know is that due to some natural processes clumps of stone get formed in the ground around bogs with iron ore in them. For the largest part of human history bog-iron was the cheapest way to obtain iron and even in the late middle ages bog-iron was more used in Scandinavia than mined iron. To get clumps of bog-iron peasants would walk in a bog and poke a stick in the ground everywhere they walked until they hit a stone, they would dig up the stone and if it was a clump of bog-iron they would take it with them. This was a very laborious job so only the poorest peasants did this. When they had multiple clumps they would make a bloomery furnace and put the clumps in it.
bloomery furnace workings
This image shows quite well how a bloomery furnace works. You have to constantly add charcoal and ore at the top and over time the charcoal breaks down and the ore falls slowly down and gets hotter and hotter, eventually you can find slag under the fire and that is the raw iron. After this they would most of the time make the iron into an ingot and sell it off.
The houses will all be of the poor class and will be build in the style of WEV1

Reference Imagery :
bloomery furnace

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Hey Pings, nice application and research. There’s a few things I’d advise you to change though. The houses in the village to the left are all built along the roadside, following a linear settlement pattern. I think the same would be fitting for this homestead.

You could either place the buildings directly along the road, or at some distance in a square enclosure . Right now the layout seems a bit random. You can also make things easier if you curve the road a bit towards the end so you’re on a straight axis. That way you’ll have fewer diagonal buildings to work with.


I have done some thinking and in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to follow a linear settlement pattern. The road ends at the settlement and so it is safe to assume that the road has been constructed to get to the homestead specifically. Since the road predates the settlement often with linear settlements and this is not the case here I find it illogical to make it linear or make it at a distance in a square enclosure.
I do however agree with your feedback that is seems a bit random and thus will try to improve that.


I’ve redone the layout of the homestead, hope this is better!


This looks a lot better, nice work


Due to my unawareness prior to this application about the formation of bog iron (which does not occur here), the main industry of this homestead will have to change to something more suitable to the area (such as rush harvesting). Not much will need to be changed from your homestead layout per se, but the area plans and building purposes will need some adjusting. We will make sure to save the research you have done as well as the concepts you have expertly made for the near future. My apologies.

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So after a couple of messages between Matthew and I, I made a new layout and have actually gone ahead and finished the 3 houses already, so here’s the new layout in-game:


This Homestead is complete and has been approved so Westemnet Homestead 1 is done. I want to thank MatthewVP for his guidance and I want to thank everyone who has taken a look for the feedback.