We Want Your Builds!

Hey everyone! The social media team at Arda wants to highlight some of your favorite, personal projects. We are starting a new feature called Builder Highlights for facebook and twitter. Have a build that you are proud of? Want others to see your masterpiece? Post a few screenshots of it here, in this thread, along with a short description. Tell us why you like it, where you developed the concept, how long it took, or any other fact you wish to share. It can be anything from a tree to a building, and anything in between. You can also catch me in game and I may take a quick video. So let’s see what you got!!


I have one in the MCME pack waiting in the server’s schematics to be pasted to be converted into Conquest :’( .

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The Mithlond Mill

The Mithlond mill is one of my first builds on the server, and belongs to the mansion just south of the city. Despite its small size, I managed to fit in two millstones, sacks of flour and some other tools. Building it without the modpack would have been impossible, because of the trapdoors it uses for its walls. As you can see in the image, it can offer some scenic views, and it reminds me of fields one would find in France.


I don’t see an image. Can you post the coordinates and thank you for sharing!

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Sorry i am new to the interwebs