Warps worth visiting

Well hello there,
it confuse me that some new players join the server but leave after 2 minutes. :confused:
I think some people who join this Project want to see epic buildings instantly and if they can’t they leave quite quick.

Thats are only mind games and im speaking of the minority of the new players.

So why not build an extra Hall at the Spawn with Warps worth visiting for new players.
Sortet in different folks and nature. Like Elves, Dwarven, Men and Hobbits. And maybe beautiful spots in the nature.

Hope you like my idea and im sorry for disappoint you Fornad.



My opinion is that players who don’t have the patience to read a few signs (especially given how obvious the /warp map area is) aren’t really suited to become builders. I’m willing to reconsider this, though.


Yes i thought about this to.

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Every New player is a win for us, if they like it but they dont intend to get builder they are still useful, for example they tell some friends about ardacraft Who are interested in building. They could advertise without making cinematic’s, and they would advertise indirectly, Just making a little chat on another server with other players would do fine and is enough i guess
Ofcourse this is Just my vision


Tbh could renovate an area in Mithlond or smthn as the spawn/intro area.

I don’t think moving the spawn is going to change the fact that new people to both the server and the mod may need additional instructions. I suspect that most of the disconnects within 5 minutes of joining are probably from people who have computers that don’t meet minimum requirements to run the mod correctly. Which is where I agree with Fornad. If the group of people being discussed disconnect because they aren’t immediately blown away by our server room and quit–they aren’t worth wasting our breath over.

The ones who do join and actually are interested enough to make the effort to explore our server and then like us enough to grow our community by word of mouth; they are the ones who our spawn room is meant for. It gives them enough information to move forward but not so much that it delays exploration too much.

Maybe if we had a really nice hand crafted spawn that puts a sense of awe into our new would be builders. Like a harbour on the shores of Valinor with beautiful towers and shaded parks and a set of instructions leading to a ship. On that ship is the wool block and block head body of Fornad and a sign that says, “Click here boi” Then yes, we probably could keep more players who need convincing. It would be a fantastic idea. But once again, the heart of the server needs to be the Shire. Players teleported from that spawn need to start there if we plan on keeping the spirit of the story as a basis.


Well spoken :smile:

I meant there are two closed doors at the spawn.
But another thing crossed my mind. There are already pictures of buildings and landscape in the Launcher :thinking: