Unnecassary beef with The Dwarven Expert

Hi Ardacraft community,
this post is in reaction to the argument that happened between me and Aptipild concerning a post i made showcasing my work in Thorins Halls. Aptipild helped me alot building the exteriors and Misinterpreted/misread my post thinking that i claimed work for myself.(which i didnt) This got me annoyed, since i put some hours into the builds. So i replied to the comment asking why he was bothering me with it, which started an argument. I sincerely apolagize to Aptipild for doing this since it definatly is the last thing we need in a friendly building community where you should be working ON the community instead of beefing WITH it. I absolutely love the experience on Ardacraft and want to end this argument as soon as possible, i just hope the community can understand my POV too since it felt like a project leader was blaming me for Plagiarism. And most people were on his side, of course in the end it was just a misunderstanding on both our behalves so Plagiarism wasnt in the picture at all. I hope we can just forget about this and build in peace together!!!

Greetings, your fellow builder Roccet.

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Follow these steps for dealing with arguments or disagreements

  1. Discuss it with Apti
  2. Discuss it with Apti and a fellow builder
  3. Discuss it with Apti and an Overseer with the other builder as a backup that you’ve attempted to engage in conversation
  4. Bring it to one of the admins, Forn primarily until he leaves this fall/November. Beathaven if the dutchie is still even an admin, or Fresh, if you want to waste your time because he’s a website/logistics admin and won’t be bothered with us mere mortals.
  5. Bring your concerns to a public thread or to the community in general if you felt the issue needs public discourse.

Final Note: We have called each others’ builds stinking piles of shit and called each other wrong and still get along fairly well. If its nothing that shouldn’t bother you for more than a day or two, then its probably not worth it. Take it with a grain of salt then work with the person at a later date on a different project where attachment isn’t an issue. Apti and Ytsen are running a tight ship in TH. They have to because it doesn’t progress as quickly. Don’t take offense to their aggravation. I acted as if I disliked everyone while working on Mithlond towards the end. Make it easier on them and just say “Okay.” To whatever criticism and just adjust accordingly.

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Ive discussed it on the server already Fornad presented me with the idea of making a post about it.

Then you’re well on your way to following proper steps. Just wanted to make sure you avoid stepping on the wrong toes.

This has obviously been blown out of proportion and I’m quite sure no one takes further offense. We appreciate your efforts both on the server and now here on the forums in trying to resolve the issue. I think it’s time to put this to rest now. Happy building!