Tree Grid Example Application

While the current tree grid is under private leadership of Argent, who is doing a fantastic job. I do want to set a precedent for us establishing parts of the tree-grid as projects of their own. Each tree has nearly as much labor as a house, making each row nearly a village and each species nearly a town. There are 1750 trees and we’ve currently got roughly 48 trees in the building process. As quality is a concern, I think referring each project to Argent/Hfranz will produce the best results. If we can assign an Overseer to making sure the tree grid is managed or(see argent’s app) promote one dedicated to this task; that would lend some strong organization that something of this magnitude needs.

I’ve made a light example of what a species application can look like below.

Tree Grid: Black Alder:

Player name(s): [Could be you][Strongly Encourage 2 builders to team up]

Player rank: Builder, Future Overseer

Public: This is an example application for the Black Alders portion of the grid.
Number of Trees: 48

The common alder provides food and shelter for wildlife, with a number of insects, lichens and fungi being completely dependent on the tree. It is a pioneer species, colonising vacant land and forming mixed forests as other trees appear in its wake. Eventually common alder dies out of woodlands because the seedlings need more light than is available on the forest floor(Forest floor - Wikipedia). Its more usual habitat is forest edges, swamps and riverside corridors. The timber has been used in underwater foundations and for manufacture of paper and fibreboard, for smoking foods, for joinery, turnery and carving.

Locations where we can find this tree: wetlands, marshes, river floodplains, new forest growth(rare)

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