Tol Fuin

Player name: Oriol396

Player rank: Builder+

Location name: Tol Fuin


“South of Ard-galen the great highland named Dorthonion stretched for sixty leagues from west to east; great pine forests it bore, especially on its northern and western sides. By gentle slopes from the plain it rose to a bleak and lofty land, where lay many tarns at the feet of bare tors whose heads were higher than the peaks of Ered Wethrin; but southward where it looked towards Doriath it fell suddenly in dreadful precipices…”

“[Ungoliant] abode long time under the shadow of the precipices in which Dorthonion fell southward. And they became known as Ered Gorgoroth, the Mountains of Terror, and none dared go thither, or pass nigh them; there life and light were strangled, and there all waters were poisoned.”

“Now the forest of Dorthonion rose southward into mountainous moors; and in the east of those highlands there lay a lake, Tarn Aeluin, with wild heaths about it, and all that land was pathless and untamed, for even in the days of the Long Peace none had dwelt there.”

Lore Interpretation: Important details describing the landscape/environment are explained below.

-Very old, tangled pine forest on the North-Western, less mountaineous part of the island.
-Bleak and desolate landscape similar to those of moors in the UK.
-Need to acheive this bleak atmosphere in all non forested areas of the island.
-Streams will often come from, or through bogs and stagnant tarns.
-Some spider dens can be placed within some of the especially dark valleys of the Southern moutains.
-No signs of any human or elven influence.

Plan: At present, the plan is to complete Tol Fuin one valley at a time. This seems like the most logical way of separating the island for now. Thus, anyone who wishes to help out can be assigned a valley to complete.
Those who want to help can just give me a shout either on the server or discord and I will take you through the basics as well as showing some example valleys. No one is to work without permission from myself.

Reference Imagery: These albums just contain a few images of what I hope to replicate on the island.


Please feel free to post ideas, pictures and/or things you think should be included or excluded.


No ragrets.


Upcoming build day this Saturday at 11:00 BST. We will be trying to complete the Southern valleys of the island so please come on even if its just for an hour or two to help out. Thanks


Build day report: All in all a very successful day with many of the island’s valleys being completed as well as a lot of streams, bogs and spider dens. A huge thank you to everyone who came on and put in the effort especially those who stayed on for the majority of the day.


It is my great pleasure to inform you that the dreadful shadow of Tol Fuin has finally passed. I may now take one pause of bliss before turning my thoughts to the Misty Mountains. My labours on Tol Fuin have taught me many things; I have learnt that Wheellee should NEVER be allowed to “experiment” no matter what he is doing or where it is; I have learnt that build day’s, although very helpful, require a good amount of alcohol and/or bleach to get through; and I have learnt that, no matter how unimportant a project is, this great community will always come to help. All this being said, I have yet to learn whether listening to Kingorrik’s endless whining is actually worth the help he gives (note to admins: please give back discord mute perms).

A part of me will always remain in Tol Fuin - and now that it is complete, I feel almost incomplete… as one who has had a piece of them forcefully wrenched from their body. Yes, you could say that the island has taken its tol(l). However, now that it is complete, I shall await with bated breath the floods of guests who surely have been eagerly waiting to visit the island. When this inevitably happens, I may find that the exchange of my mental health was worth it; the happy, enthusiastic Oriol396 that you once knew may return. There is always hope… and as Robert H. Schuller once said, “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

On a more serious note, thank you to all those who helped complete Tol Fuin. You were essential in keeping my motivation for the project and equally as essential in actually completing it.