Thorin's Halls

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I made a map of all the mining tunnels under Thorin’s Halls.

One of these days I’m going to burst into a voice channel, scream “I am the underminer” and then shoot myself with the mic still on.

Anyway, I’m doing the mining tunnels in TH. My first problem is instant: Where in the fuckfaced billows am I and how am I supposed to navigate this labyrinth? So I solved that conundrum.

With this, I now have an idea of the layout of these mining tunnels. As you can see, they are expansive (nearly half a square kilometre), but simple. They’re based around only one central tunnel. I’m going to fix that.

I was told to remap these tunnels to be centralised around the intersections of granite and schist. My first real task here was to figure out where the fuck those are. This map did not help with that, but I at least have something of an idea.

Right, so first thing is: I’m going to nuke everything to the left of the granite section on this map and redo it. From there, restructure everything.

Here’s my remap. (Hub Point 1’s position has changed to the entrance of Miner’s Alley).

I’ve completely fucken guessed where the granite even is here, but this map is even less exact than the last one, so it’s fine. This is just the general gist of the shape of it.

I tried to map it to express how the Dwarves mined: older, less structured tunnels on the right from when they started mining, then the more extensive and organised mining operation in the middle from when they started getting into it, with some newer tunnels being started more recently on the left.

I’m gonna do all of this myself and there’s nothing you can do to save me from my fate, fuckers.



Alright guys, the cliffside houses are now open for building! These are all mid-high and high class buildings, so the standards will be a bit higher compared to the regular middle class from before. This is to prepare the builders for the main hall that will likely come after this section.

To get there just type /warp thcliff, and any doorway marked with green screen is a house, the name signs and stuff are all outside of the mountain. The only real exterior work you have to do is the part where the house connects with the halls, which is not much for most of them.
Pop and i have opened up plenty of room to work in for each of the houses, tho feel free to either make the house bigger or smaller depending on how much space you really need.
Don’t forget to detail the balconies aswell, and have fun!


People it is time. The last public section of Thorin’s Halls is now open!

The main hall of Thorin’s Halls is without a doubt the most important halls of all. Therefore its important that we achive the best quality of houses and builds in TH to date. We introduce a new system of approval to make sure we can guarantee a good quality house.

Two stages of approval
This hall will work with 2 stages of approval. In Stage 1 a builder will plan out the lay-out of his house and make the facade. When he is done with the lay-out and the facade he will place a waiting approval block on his house. Guan or me will then come in to approve the layout and facade and suggest or fix some things.
Once the 1st stage is approved you are allowed to move on to stage 2. Stage 2 is the general building of the interior and doing the furniture. When u have completed the house u will place another block of waiting for approval and Guan or Me will come in for the final judgement of the house.

Warp to /warp thbuild and u will end up infront of the example house. Please take a look at it before you start on ur own house. The example house shows the level of dwarven builds we want in the mian hall. dont dissapoint us by turning a high class house into something that looks low/mid class. it is important to know wich blocks u are allowed to use in the houses so in the upper level of the main hall we will have a pallet showing all the blocks you can use in your house.

Note: anyone who doesnt follow the 2 stages will have a chance of his interior work being removed.

the houses wont have kitchens and dining rooms as they would eat at the feast hall that lies beyond the merchant guild, so dont have a kitchen unless mentioned the house has one.

Hall features
Lower main hall.
-Brewery (claimed by Nike & Pops)

Upper mian hall
-Post office
-Weaver ( Pumba is working on this)
-Merchant guild

Most professions have been done before and u can find examples of them troughout TH. some professions like the jewler are unique tho. for advice on these u can always ask me or guan.

Updating Houses
Some houses have been build when the pallet of TH wasnt as advanced as it is now. Mostly interiors need updating. 2 houses are open to be updated the other houses that need updating will be done by me and guan.

market stalls are still being planned and worked on. Dont build those yet!

We hope to see u guys make some huge progress and make this last public section of Thorin’s halls a succes.

Good luck building and lets turn this hall into something epic.
Poppel & Guan


oh shit boys