The History of ArdaCraft

Here is the link to the The History of ArdaCraft spreadsheet:

All major events on the server are in here. It is updated at every meeting. If we’ve missed something in there you can post it on this thread.

Thanks to @VVinter for creating and maintaining this spreadsheet!


17-01-2015, Hearthseeker Joins. About to be my 2 years fam, would like the addition! Thank you!

You’re probably significant enough now, added :stuck_out_tongue:

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To add to this, I’ve put together a little album of nostalgic images. If you guys have any to add, send them to me!

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I updated the design of The history of Ardacraft spreadsheet. Here is the link to the new document. Fornad, if you think it looks good you can update the link.


Reminder guys - if you’ve been around for longer than a year or you’re a Builder+ then you’re eligible to be added to the ‘joined’ list on the timeline!

Just let VVinter know here.

As memes are the very lifeblood of this server and keeps the autism at bay on the whole, recognition should be made to the creation of ArdaCraft songs. Perhaps the legendary memes too. Mainly because I made most of them and you fuckers don’t give me enough recognition.


22nd September: Declared war on MCME and all it stands for


I guess there could be a red box at 19 August last year (when I got builder), can’t remember my joining date


I’m a builder +. I think I joined in early February


Builder + and I joined around february-march 2015 I think.


Builder +, I joined around the start of 2017, I think it was December 30

Builder + Joined August 2015

Oh sorry, I just added the builders.
As soon as I have some time to listen to the recording of the meeting I will update that one to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if I am eligible to be put on the list, but I joined around march 2015

I joined for the first time on 1 august 2016, after that i’ve been inactive for a while, i rejoined on 7 may 2017 and i am builder+

Added all the videos of ArdaCraft Cinematics and a few other ones to the history.


Out of date? @VVinter

VVinter’s gone it seems, we need someone else to take over this spreadsheet.

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