The following items couldn't be found

This is a general support ticket template.
Please fill in as much detail as possible.

Before Posting:

Java 8 is required to run our modpack. Not having it will cause you to crash on launch.
Mac OS, Windows, and Linux users can download the Java 8 installer for their system from here.

how did you install the modpack?: Launcher
have you installed Java 8?: Yes
when does the problem happen?: in the menus
logs/crash-report: -
problem: Whenever I try to launch the game, a window pops up and says:’ The following items couldn’t be found’ or something like that. However I have previously been able to play on single player and on the server. Is this a wifi related problem? (I could only log in when I had wifi)

need logs and a screenshot of the ‘pop-up’ message thankyou pls

Nevermind, it’s fixed itself.