The Angle

I think they’d have had wooden structures, so nothing would be left

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Alright, makes it less work :stuck_out_tongue:

Update 2:

  • Dernost (previously Angletown1) has been finished, thanks to everyone who helped with it.
    Feel free to explore it and to give me feedback.
  • Tagor Tirith (previously Anglefort2) has been finished, thanks to @Ytsen and @LucPoppel
    for making the beginning of the fort.
  • work has started on Anglefort3, The Angle doesn’t really has a base or known capital so I want to make this fort (surrounded by farms) pretty large, because it would have served as the main defense of the Angle.
  • Angletown2 is almost ready to be opened for public and I will maybe organize a buildday for it, idk yet.

There will also be some forts along the rivers but those haven’t started yet.
I hope I have given you enough information :slight_smile:

  • /warp Angletown2 is now open, feel free to work on it, though you should read the guide first and for examples you should look at /warp Dernost.
  • /warp Anglefort3 is now open for public, Don’t work on the towers or walls yet but feel free to do the farms and houses already, again you should read the guide and look at /warp Dernost for examples.



Am I allowed an attempt here?

Ye sure,

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Now glar is gone shall I take up the the Lead of the full angle, first shall i continue on the ruins and dunedain and after that shall I do the streams.

Ill stay to the plan glar made : 4 towns + the additional farms and some camps

Last of all i want some overseer or fornad to add me to the original thread, also the dunedain will stay private or You have to ask me if You want to help specifically with something

We’d prefer that you have a co-lead given the scale of this project.


I had a look at anglefort3 today and whilst I can say I acknowledge the lore you’ve written behind it (i.e. abandoned approximately 1000 years ago) aren’t some of the walls and towers a bit high?

Here’s my reasoning behind why it could be considered to be more ruined:

  • The ‘spearheaded’ formation of the walls and towers are about twice the height of the nearby oak and pine trees and since we’re considering a scale of 1:58 wouldn’t they be getting some fairly hefty winds? Causing the structure to be eroded more or possibly collapsed?

  • The spearheaded bit has its foundation is a reasonably precarious rock outcropping, so if perchance even a slight tremor occurred would it be possible for the sandstone underneath to give way? As i’m sure that in a time period of 1000 years there would be at least some tremors.

  • Like you’ve stated, the fort is in Rhudaur which is the poorest of the 3 petty kingdoms when Arnor divided, so would it make sense for the fort to be made from less expensive and more degradable materials which would lead to a greater level of ruining?

  • The western most tower is stated to have tombs in its foundation, with all the soil and whatever else on top would that cause the floor to give way?

  • I’m not entirely confident on this point, but would the exteriors of the towers be supported by wood from the inside, in the form of horizontal beams etc? Because if so, these beams would be well gone by now, causing the walls to collapse inwards.

Just some things I noticed to be taken into consideration.


The scale of the map is 1:58, not the builds - houses would be smaller than a block if that were the case.

Agree with your other points though.


Its more like a base, not a regular fort, so the materials would be of better quality, tho i agree that is too much intact still. and about the height. It is build on a hill so without difference of height would it have the same height as the trees, which could be.

The thing with the height is, you basically erected the whole western triangle thingy off of a much lower hill slope, which is rather easily spotted, since you didnt even fill it up. As much as I understand the need for an interesting layout for our take on ruins, but imo this is too much and you should just get rid of this triangle altogether or work the hill around it, which would include some major terraforming to make it plausible.

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I shall edit the terrain and make the ruin more weathered, thanks for your feedback

@Ahorn is now co-lead and will be leading the Dúnedain settlements.


Simply put, that rock outcropping there doesn’t make sense at all for how the terrain is shaped. It shouldn’t even be collapsed, it just wouldn’t be there in the first place (or at least it could have been there but not in the way it was done in that screen of the fort).


The rock is already gone

I made these two Dúnadan banners, they should be added soon!



  • Angletown2 is now finished and called Iaur Amdir
  • Angle fort 3 is now finished and called Balan Ostronn
  • work has started on some smaller towers along the river
  • work has started on the streams
    These 2 are the last things left for my part of the angle project and I intend to finish those in the next 10 days, there wont be warps set to those towers so Explore them for yourself!

All the Angle ruins and all the streams are done, I would like to ask Fornad or any overseer to check by ruins and approve it or give feedback. Then I am done with this project.:grinning:


All looks good. Great job creepy.