Thread title: Project Application: Tarnasirya

Player name(s): Creepyboy666

Player rank: Builder+

Location name: Tarnasirya

Lore: After the fall of Beleriand, many Noldor went back to Valinor but some stayed, who made the kingdoms of Lindon (under the rule of Gil Galad) and Eregion, this is one of the villages who were abandoned (Cuz they went back for Valinor). the square has only some tiles left, the houses only foundations, 2 bridges are destroyed and the fields only have some parts of the stone walls left. It has also a ruined and overgrown statue on the square.

Overhead plan:

Reference Images: http://imgur.com/gallery/eDb7R


I want to get this done in at least 2 weeks.

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Maybe have diagonal ruines?. This doesn’t look organic.


Ye, I know, I want to add diagonal houses but it is pretty hard to paint it diagonal. Do i have to make another example? cuz I made a diagonal house in earailin and they are easier than vertical.

Yes, make another example.

Make sure to make the foundations big enough as well - from what I’ve seen they’re too small.

Try making a small scale layout in game using wool blocks. Just do it in a clear area on freebuild.

http://imgur.com/gallery/ZYlqJ Here are the examples and Lay-out :slight_smile:

Okay if Eldiar has co-lead on this?

Accepted! I don’t think you need a co-lead on a project of this size though.

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Thanks mate, then ill let eldiar Just help me a bit.:wink::facepunch::blush:
What do we need to do with the road leading to it?

The roads dissapear long before a settlement gets this ruined.

Tarnasirya is done. :wink::slight_smile:

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