Suggestion: Adding a Donor Rank

Gibt es einen donator rang

Hello, pardon?

English forums m8.

Hes asking if there’s a donator rank I think.
The power of google translate!

That’s actually not a terrible idea. Maybe something to discuss at the next meeting? I’m not sure what trivial things could be offered. But it seems like it would be rather easy to do and as things grow might help a good deal as far as funding.

Personally i don’t see what we could possibly offer to a donator rank. It wouldn’t give them build perms, so it would be useless i think.

Donator perks are being discussed, I don’t think a rank with different permissions is the right answer, but I’m interested to hear if there’s any other opinions

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I suppose there’s a couple of things we could do. Though for builders and up it would be nasty because you will get those awfully long names if you add plusses, or dollar signs or god knows what other kind of tags. For guests it could be kept fairly clean though. As long as you focus on it being for the benefit of the server and not for the player it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

-[Patron] rank for non-builders
•Allowed to set up to 10 homes
•Allowed to teleport to players
•A place in the ‘hall of fame’ which could be a physical build somewhere or a page on the forums


I’ll address this at the next meeting.

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Just a look at what was said on Github

What about a Kitty cannon. Dags had one once.

I’m pretty sure, from my experience with minecraft servers, that would lag the server loads.

Giving someone kitty cannon is like giving them the ungodly power to crash the server or harass builders. Giving them the severed flaps of a flying squirrel (I don’t know the actual mc name for it) would be fine. Giving them extra homes and a place in a hall of fame would be good aswell. Maybe a rank or something infront of their name like (D) or (Rich Autist) ect would do well. I know there’s a way to give them a particle effect if I remember correctly so that’s another thing we could do.