Streams - permanent project for all Builders

/warp streamguide

If you are on the server and don’t know what to build, then digging streams is always an option!

The guide above (put together by @Oriol) explains how to create streams which meet ArdaCraft’s standards.


Look on the dynmap for lines of blue wool to find unfinished streams - you’ll need to zoom in.

The Lhûn valley (north of Mithlond) and Forlindon both have many unfinished streams at the moment.


Hey, just your friendly stream guy here! I thought I’d post something here.

First and Foremost: LOOK AT THE STREAM GUIDE!!!

I’ve been going around and checking streams as I’ve been digging them, and so many of them are done incorrectly.

Issue #1: Water not flowing correctly.

When placing water, you should be conscious that it flows for 8 blocks, and so whenever possible, the source block should be 8 blocks from where the water level changes.This is the most common rule not followed.

Issue #2: Not keeping water inside the stream’s channel.

When digging the stream, you need to keep the path of the water in the ground. One of the biggest issues I see with this is people aren’t mindful of leaves: those don’t count as the ground. If any side of the water is not touching more water, dirt-based blocks, or stone blocks, it needs to be brought down a block. The only exception is when you’re working around trees: use your better judgment with these.

Issue #3: Incorrect bed materials being used.

Only 6 blocks should be used for stream beds in most cases. If the stone is sandstone, this will be your Sandstone Debris, Medium Dirt Path, and Light Dirt. If it is any other stone, use your Small Stones, Gravel, and Soft Gravel. Stuff like mud and dirt? DON’T USE IT! If other blocks are used, they will generally already be generated where they need to be, or are for very specific types water bodies that you’re not currently working on.


I feel like none of this should have to be said, because for the most part the stream guide says each of these things very clearly, but it’s important that we follow it as closely as possible. The guide isn’t there to make a boring project even more boring, they’re there to help ensure uniformity and realism that our server strives for.

So please, do the server a favor: start doing streams correctly if you haven’t been, and look at the stream guide before you dig a stream next time.


I actually have to disagree on your last point. We have streams that cross into bogs, marshes, and swamps where the stream moves very slow and darts between pools of mud. For those, I think mud-dirt/dirt-gravel is fine. Anyone more knowledgeable can correct me if I’m wrong, but I know we’ve got mud mixed with dirt in flood plane level streams. Going back and fixing that now would be a stupidly huge task.

Both mud and rocks are fine in streams where they go through bogs etc tbh since there’s normally a lot of larger material in streams that will get deposited as the water slows down.

I really wouldn’t worry about it too much though and would never suggest going back to change stuff. In future streams where it goes through a bog, marsh or swamp just give it a mixture of soft gravel, mud and small stones/sandstone debris (local geology dependent). In pools that are isolated from the stream just muddy peaty blocks.


Another thing to address while we’re at it. There seems to not be any stream or river bed material for streams that come from terrain with slate. Something that is very much present in Arnor. I know texture/block requests are on the back seat for CR at this moment, but if anyone has a solution that works, that would be excellent.

I’d just use normal gravel tbh


Hiya, just wanted to save some commands to make streams with the schematic brush so i thought id put them here
try them or ignore them, i really dont mind :smiley:

i just find it can help

//schbr softgravelwater1 -replaceall -yoff:1

//schbr softgravelair1 -replaceall -yoff:1 -incair

//schbr gravelwater1 -replaceall -yoff:1

//schbr gravelair1 -replaceall -yoff:1 -incair

//schbr smallstoneswater1 -replaceall -yoff:1

//schbr smallstonesair1 -replaceall -yoff:1 -incair


yes can you briefly explain what those do, please?

bacically you can bind each one to an item and when you right click it will spawn in a 1x3x1 peice of stream with water ( or air) , riverbed and air above the water all included rather than having to break the blocks, place the riverbed and the water individually, its just an alternate way of making streams i find faster

How do you make sure that the streams flow properly when the terrain descends?

thats why i made the air varients, i look over the stream to see its length quickly, then i start at the bottom and work up, whenever i go up the terrain i use the air varient for 7 blocks before going back to the water

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at the end you can always do minor fixes in like 2 mins if its not perfect