Player Name: Brunokuz, Daktubalan
Rank: Builder, Builder +
Location: Staddle

Lore: Staddle: The town on the other side of the hill and is home to a greater hobbit population and is for the most part, a farming and hobbit community.
Staddle was probably founded when Bree-land was settled. By the middle of the Third Age, it was settled by mixed groups of Hobbits and Men fleeing Angmar. Staddle was also the main settlement of the Bree-Hobbits.

Staddle (Old English staðol) occurs in real-life English place-names with the meaning “foundation”, of buildings, sheds, ricks etc.
Hence the name Staddle, it was named after the Staddle-Stones which where used as foundation for buildings.

“Besides Bree itself, there was Staddle on the other side of the hill, Combe in a deep valley a little further eastward, and Archet on the edge of the Chetwood. Lying round Bree-hill and the villages was a small country of fields and tamed woodland only a few miles broad.”

-From the Fellowship of The Ring, Chapter Nine, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony, 1st Paragraph

Overhead Plan: Staddle Overview

Concept: Staddle Hobbit Hole and House Concept