South Mithlond Improvements

Could you give a quick update?

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We have started and nearly finished the first section of markets. The trade center is coming along nicely and will be finished as soon as hearth is back. The planning for the next large portion of mithlond, probably the largest we have been doing so far has been pretty much completed and some progress has already been made on that zone.

Oh! And an airliner has been built as motivation for hearth. I think it’s helping him in a major way.

Progress will be slow for a week while hearth recovers from Huricane Mathew. Once he is safe and well we will be back in full force. We won’t be planning anything new while he is away and instead will work on already marked areas. This is to ensure that we all have equal input and bounce ideas of each other in a positive manner. This both helps in build quality and in team building.

That’s all for now, hopefully this helped.

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Do not do any more interiors. That was not part of your original application.

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I think we did what was necessary for the section to feel complete, we won’t do interiors for houses, obviously–but I feel that filling in a room with crates/market stands isn’t entirely out of our range considering they are open air segments. We can discuss our plans with you in Discord if you have any questions about certain things being in order.

That’s not what I was referring to. There was an interior made in the roof and tower of the pier (which has now been removed).

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@hoppingharry best not incur the wrath of Fornad.

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After a discussion with Hearth, we’ve agreed that this is the direction you guys need to take from here on in, step by step:

  1. Make sure you know where all the professions in South Mithlond are going to go by labeling them. Use this document, and make sure to update it as you go. Do this ASAP.

  2. Finish the dock area currently surrounded by pink wool. Don’t allow yourselves to get distracted by other things in the city - constantly moving on to the next area before the previous one was finished is the reason South Mithlond ended up the way it did.

  3. Highlight another area (possibly the mansions on the ridge) and finish that, etc.

In general, do not change things that look reasonably fine the way they are (even if you, personally, don’t particularly like something, others may do). Your primary concern needs to be efficiency.


Read the going away thread. I’ll try keep in touch but I don’t know how much help I will be at this point due to what’s happened.

I look forward to meeting him. Hopefully I can get things fixed with my motherboard soon. I think the board might actually be operational to an extent where it can run minecraft but I will need a new hdmi cable and possibly a new wifi card. I’m not sure how fast the computer will run though I’ll test everything out at the end of this week. Luckily I can attempt to use a plug in eithernet cable and an older hdmi cable to see if this fix will work. Even if I can get it running there’s no promises that It will be smooth. I’ve done some small tests with different transferring files and those went fine. I do want to formally apologize for the absence, there’s not much I’ve been able to do since family visited for the holidays so I never had a lot of time alone with my gaming PC. Things are looking up but even if this fix works I may have to shut it all down in a month or two so I can get everything fully replaced.

I’m back for the most part. I’ll eventually have to bring my computer in for a week just for a full diagnostic check of all my components. After that I should be around pretty much all the time till my new parts arrive, if the shop can’t fix everything. Once again that would also only take a day or so, but yea im back and I’m really loving the new map section. Whoever world painted that props to you, it’s gorgeous.

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This is the end of the week update, in whats being planned, and whats been completed.

We have remodeled and fixed the outlining buildings in the palace, as well as add some new gardens. Floors have been added inside the outlining buildings, but note these buildings are subject to change in future developments.

After heavy discussion it was decided to remove the old great hall, and throne room. This was due to the old palace not meeting the style standards we have set in South Mithlond, it almost looked like it was from Gondor and not Elven at all. This may come as a surprise to some but we believe it will be for the greater good. A new great hall and throne room are already being planned, and construction on these will begin soon.

Bridges are being added/updated. We have already added a bridge to the palace, and removed the old bridge above the gardens. A new bridge has been planned and will connect the path to the palace, instead of the terraces.

Soon the wall will be expanded slightly to make room for more detail around the palace. This is being done at the request of Fornad, and will be a high priority and welcome change to the palace grounds.

All and all we have made good progress this week, and look forward to giving you updates on any future developments. Till next week. -hoppingharry

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There’s a serious problem that i’m running into at an alarming rate. Several buildings are not ready for interiors. Ive seen things from actual streets inside the buildings, roof sections missing, gardens braking into the second floor, to buildings mashed together which have obviously been copied and pasted. All these buildings were marked as interior ready, and there’s simply no way you can do some of these without changing the exterior of the build. This needs to be addressed. I am not a project lead, and I don’t mean to throw my old co leads under the bus, but seriously this is a problem that needs addressing before we put new minds to work.

Update: Buildings need to be properly marked. According to King 60% needs to be abandoned and there’s no red block, or indication that a building is meant to be abandoned.

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Harry, I have gone through and put not approved blocks over houses that are not up to standard by a long way, along with what needs fixing above them. Remember the houses still need bedrooms and kitchens, even if abandoned, and houses that are still lived in need a place to cook in the kitchen, please fix what has been mentioned as soon as possible.


I have actually noticed this too. I plan on going through them tonight. I’ve not marked a lot of the houses and find them already approved when I log on. I have the suspecition that a builder is marking their own buildings for approval. Since all our overseers are very good about quality control. I’ll also check my own work as I don’t want quality to drop for quantity. Thank you posting this here, and I’ll look into it with your help if you wish to join me. Thank you for the feedback.

You are still responsible for it, and if you noticed it you should have done something about it. I do not think for an instance that a builder is marking their own builds as done.

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I’m aware that I’m responsible for it thank you, I just haven’t had a chance to do it till now. I finished finals today so now I have time.

I’ll hop on in a few minutes, believe me I want to get this situation sorted out just as much as you so let’s get it fixed before it causes to big of a problem.

If you have built an interior that is not currently approved please fix it before starting another one.

Check interiors you previously did, some errors were found. -Harry

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Forn and I have been looking around, and houses are still nowhere near up to standard, there are flat ceelings, and houses that do not even make sense. This needs fixing asap, it is not what needs doing, by approving shoddy builds you are just setting us further backwards, not moving forward at all.

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