South Farthing Homestead 18

Player name(s): Laalaa

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: South Farthing Homestead 18

Lore: Nothing from what i could find =w=

Overhead plan:

Estimated population: 3

Terrain: Some veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slight block changes to make a tinyyy bit of more space for the house and sheds

Reference Imagery: I’ve been looking at some Michel Delving stuff and Tuckborough ;3


The picture here ain’t very informative, however, there’s more than enough info on site to see what’s what. I’ve copied it to the main map so you can get started.

Make sure the allotments look orderly.

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I finished it and i’m waiting on approval! o/ :smiley: <3

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Project complete.

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