South Farthing Homestead 15

Player name(s) : Big_Spanky

Player rank : Builder

Private or Public : Private

Location name : South Farthing Homestead 15 (/warp sfh15)

overhead plan:

estimated population is 8

Terrain: sense it’s a revamp i will keep the terrain the way it was but i’ll make some small changes i will also change the farm nearby to wheat insted of tobacco.

The whole homestead seems to be a hodge podge of different farming methods. There’s some vegetables, some apples, some farm animals, and a stable.

As I said, wipe the plot clean, pick a specific theme, and plan from there.

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Alright I made some changes mainly removeing some farms making them to glades insted. Removeing the apple trees insteed i got 2 normal once, also made the animal pen a bit bigger.

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New homestead plan

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Approved. I’d remove some of the trees on the main road, try and open out the animal pen a bit.

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alright thanks

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Project complete