Sounds folder for Mac

what operating system are you using?: _mac os
how did you install the modpack?: ArdaCraft Launcher | installer
have you installed Java 8?: _yes

describe your problem in detail here

Not an actual problem but i wanted to change the background music. Where can I find the sound folder on a mac? I did a search on my computer but i have yet to find it. I can find the one for the conquest launcher, but that doesnt help. ha

thanks for any info.

The Launcher sets everything up in a directory called ‘ArdaCraft Launcher’ in your Home folder. Sounds and music are under assets/virtual/minecraft/... (or along those lines).

It’s probably a better idea to make a resourcepack to override the sounds rather than replace the actual install files, might be worth looking into

okay thanks! Monsterfish has a soundpack id like to try.