Some pictures I took on you guys' server


just got my gaming PC, wanted to try out how good the graphics card is (GTX 1060), so I went on you guys’ server and took some pictures. hope you like it

shader: Ziipzaap’s Shader V2


These are really amazing.


Can you do video with shaders?


I can try. I’m getting fairly decent framerates. I know that there are camera mods but I haven’t learned how to use them.


These are amazing!


If you use the ArdaCraft Launcher, it comes with a camera mod. If you are interested in trying it, I will send you the instructions and a video tutorial link. We are looking for people with good computers to do videos. I can also point you to a mod that lets you change the time of day on our server without affecting anyone else. Thanks for the screenshots!


yeah that would be great! i’ll take a look into it. i’ve always wanted to make cinematics but my old computer was pretty shitty lol


Thanks! I sent you a message