Social Media Submissions

ArdaCraft Social Media Submissions

So you think your screenshot you’ve posted on discord is awesome? Do you want to showcase your build on our Instagram or Twitter? Follow these guidelines and make your post in the thread below!

Post Title: Example: Rohan House

Description: Summarize your build and highlight important aspects of it, this is what will most likely appear in the social media post itself. A cartwright with a family of 6, for example. If there’s lore, please include if possible. is an exelent place to look for quotes.

Tags(Optional): Some platforms such as Instagram contain heavy usage of tags in order to categorize content that followers of the tag will likely see. You can include your username(s) of your social media accounts here and we can shout out to your social media if you’d like.

These are optional as the social media team or myself(Hearth) will have preset tags, but you may have more creative tags and this will help us establish the post.

Examples: #lotr #tolkien #middleearth #minecraft #creative #videogame #pcgaming #pc #adventure #fantasy #beautiful #art #design #bookstagram #conquestreforged #weareconquest #games #adventure #explore #worldbuilding #mapmaking #lordoftherings #thetwotowers #minecraftbuilds #minecraftideas

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Images/Video/Album: Required! Upload the images directly or upload to an image hosting service such as Imgur, whichever provides the best quality for your images. We also accept links to videos of our server that you’ve made!

Do’s and Do Not’s


  • Post images that best match the description… or the other way around…
  • Try to keep the description relevant. “A ruined Arnorian Villa, destroyed in the Kin-Strife,” is a decent enough backdrop. A fanfic about Gandalf and the housemaid isn’t.
  • Post images that are between 5mb and 10mb(8mb being the standard for social media)
  • Make video clips that are at least 720p

Do Not:

  • Post a picture of your screen you took with your phone. F2 in game is the default screenshot hotkey. Use it.
  • Get salty if your content isn’t accepted or posted immediately even if accepted.

Please refer to the ArdaCraft Social Media Guide for any additional questions.


Folde Completion Celebration!

The Folde has officially wrapped up and after 2 years of dedication, teamwork, and begrudgingly placing every block—we’ve finished our masterpiece!

#lotr #rohan #medieval #minecraft #minecraftcreative #goals

Credit to @someonehelpme
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