Shader pack folder isn't opening


When I open the shader settings in video settings it flicks my minecraft aside and nothing opens. Usually it would open a folder but it hasn’t been working. Can someone please help.


Are you using the aclauncher or the installer?


I’m using the AC launcher


You should be able to find the folder under:
My Documents/ArdaCraft Launcher/instances/ArdaCraft Modpack/minecraft/


Thanks a lot


I can’t accually find the folder. The location you sent me didn’t work.


Which part didn’t work? Like which part of the path I gave you doesn’t exist?
Also, provide some logs pls


I actually got it to work myself. I just opened the resource pack folder then got the location from the game output, deleted the /resourcepacks at the end and that lead me to the game files.


Now make sure you make a shortcut to the map and you will never have this issue again. :stuck_out_tongue: