Player names: The Holy Trinity of Shit Overseers, Oriol, Kingorrik and YouJusGotSarged

Player rank: (Overseers lol)

Location: Folde Village 6, /warp fv6

Private or Public: Public once planned

Timeframe: Judging by past projects, 2050 earliest.

Lore: See Folde thread

Overhead plan:

In-game guide: At the warp

In-game inspiration:


Terrain: N/A

Reference Imagery:





The layout looks outstanding! Great Job!


Thank you! Took us a while to put it together

deep breath

Wenchworth is now open for builders…

We are trialling a new approach to building i which, instead of being given individual structures to build, builders will now be given a piece of land (POL) to complete that may contain multiple buildings. This will hopefully lead to areas within the village feeling more cohesive since a builder will have to think about how everyone would live and work within their respective POL.

Each POL is marked with a ring of floating glass and can be applied for by putting your name on the floating POL board (shown below)

I have also put a fair bit of effort, along with @Ahorn and @eag_inc, into a Folde guide which can be found at the warp; please take a minute to have a look around, especially at the example buildings to get a basic idea of what should be included in each type of building:

Enjoy, and please don’t be offended if/when Kingorrik tells you your build looks shit (inevitable really)


Please have a look at these pictures, especially the top one, to get an idea of what overall style we’re trying to get with the village.



wenchworth needs a brothel imo, as the name suggests


Modern media use of the word has probably over-emphasized the use of the word wench to only describe prostitutes. Just meant any servant girl, from the 6 year old learning to weave/cook under the tutoring of a maidservant to yes, the barmaid at a tavern or brothel. We do need a sushi shop, though.


This village is complete. Would just like to thank my co-leads @kingorrik and @YouJusGotSarged for their help with the project, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Any suggestions for a village name would be great since Beat is too much of a cuck to let it stay as “Wenchworth”.


I usually look at this vocabulary for village names.

@Oriol if beat is being a cuck let the dutch bellend name it himself.

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