Schematic re-save - Community project

Project leaders: [Kemce, Wheellee]

Hey everyone, after the conquest merge every block got a new id, so we will have to re-save all the trees. This project is a community project, it is expected that everyone with WorldEdit should help. We have 1300+ trees in our grid and that’s too much for anyone to save alone.

Its important that we try to finish this project as fast as possible, we need the trees for WorldPainter. No Arnor or anything before the trees are saved.

Follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Do /warp fbtrees, and find a set of trees you want to save.

In the document below you can see all the trees we have. Only the sets of trees that is marked with yellow is ready to be saved.

Tree List

Step 2: The system

Every tree set ingame will be marked with three wool colors.

Red: Do not save or touch
Blue: Ready to be saved
Green: Saved

So the blue wool will correspond to the yellow marks in the document.

Step 3: Start saving

  1. First make a selection with WorldEdit in two corners.
    Do //pos1 & //pos2

  2. Go close to the trunk at the same level as grass/ground and do //copy (The position you are standing in when you copy is where the tree will be spawned in. And trees like Large Oak have roots, make sure you are standing in the right position.)

  3. For saving do: //schematic save ###1
    Example: //schematic save mok1 - //schematic save mok2

Very important! Make sure you are saving with the right name. The document is the authority for this!

Step 4: Do a few tests

Spawn in a few trees and see if everything works fine.
//schem load mok1
//paste -a

Step 5: Finish

Let’s say you are done saving Medium Oak (mok). Go to the document and fill in the quantity and mark it as saved with green color and ingame.

Last words

I and wheellee do not have time to follow up or ask people to save schems all the time. Please do ./warp fbtrees and save some trees at your own initiative.

Any questions?


Just to make it as clear as possible - we cannot export Arnor until this done.


So, let me get this straight because I’m confused. We cannot export Arnor until this is done?


Just an idea after reading, can’t we save from inside the trunk with noclip?

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You run the risk of not being on the correct level.

while flying and saving trees in grid, I noticed a lot of empty places (some destroyed, idk) and missing trees.
Is that going to be fixed?

These trees will be lost forever i think, unless we rebuild them, but then we would need to re-save all the schems of these rows again.

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While saving the trees today (rushing actually) I can tell you that their are no available (blue lined) trees anymore, I checked everything when saving it, dont worry, there are still empty places in the database, so what now?

Awesome, then all the trees we have so far is saved. However, we need to make aspen trees and a few more species.


Hey! We aim to finish all the trees we need today. Everyone with + is expected to help.

What we need to do:

Build some new sets of trees. Everything is marked with purple wool ingame. When a set of trees is built, Kemce or Wheellee need to approve it before we save it.

I won’t be online for the entire day, but should be quite easy to work on it without my guidance.

When this is done, I think there will be a very long time before we need to work on trees again.


Due to a few mess-ups with saving (i.e. wool and grass being saved alongside the trees), approved blocks will now be placed at the ends of rows to show that the schematics of all the trees in that row have been checked.


All finished! Thank you to all who helped.